No Password Login

The First Passwordless As A Service (PWAAS). Enable your users to login using biometrics (TouchID, FaceID, Windows Hello) or hardware security tokens (Yubikey)

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Built using the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), the open standard for password-free logins on the web.
OpenID Connect Support - Usable, Strong, Passwordless, Authentication for Enterprise Applications
Use NoPasswordLogin for strong single-factor, two-factor, or multi-factor authentication
Touch ID
Allows your users to login using TouchID, FaceID, Windows Hello, hardware key such as YubiKey

Why Passwordless?

81% of hacking-related account breaches last year leveraged weak or stolen passwords. Users have to remember their passwords. Developers have to worry about all the complications of passing passwords through systems and safely storing them in databases.

Web Authentication (WebAuthn) is a recent W3C standard backed by major players like Google, Paypal, Mozilla, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Qualcomm. It aims at defining a web-browser API for the creation and use of strong authentication credentials based on public key cryptography.

WebAuthn is a new way of logging into websites that may finally free you and your users from remembering passwords. Instead, you’ll use you: your fingerprint or face, or a hardware token.

The NoPasswordLogin Platform allows you to easily integrate passwordless authentication into your current login authentication flow.

Integrate with NoPasswordLogin

Easily integrate NoPasswordLogin into your Authenication flow to allow your users to signup/login using biometrics.

Get assistance from our Engineers and Advisors to help improve security and customer experience of your application using NoPasswordLogin

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Create an Application
Login to our dashboard ( you can login using NoPasswordLogin ) and create an application to generate OIDC Client ID and Secret
Authenticator Challenge
We will do the hard work of challenging and verifiying the user for their authenticator (TouchID, FaceID, Hardward key)
Verification Success
We will verify the user and our OIDC provider will create an access token to get further details about the user (if necessary) and establishes a session for the user.


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